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Mall & Multiplex Advertising

Mall and multiplex advertising provides an opportunity to advertise the business in front of large clientele. It can lure the potential clients towards the brands and helps in generating there interest. The malls and multiplexes pulls large crowd with different age groups for various reasons.

  • Advantages
  • Clear visibility
  • Placed in an uncluttered environment
  • It will target the client when he/she is in buying situation
  • It increases exposure

  • Types of Mall & Multiplex Advertising offered by us:
  • On Screen Advertising :
    • Advertisement Films
    • Audio Slides
    • Mute/Static Slides
  • Off Screen Advertising :
    • Standees
    • Cut Outs
    • Arch Gates
    • Flyers & Pamphlets
    • Kiosk Activation
    • Façade Hoarding
    • Backlits
    • Branding on Elevators
    • Branding in Washrooms